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DeepaMehta is a software platform for collaboration and knowledge management. DeepaMehta is an open source project.

This wiki collects useful resources and informs about DeepaMehta community activities.

The projects website is www.deepamehta.de

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What you can do... ...as a developer!
  • Make your ideas transparent to others via the DeepaMehta Community Application. You need an account (see Quickstart).
  • Write bug reports and feature requests (on the Berlios project platform)
  • Write tutorials or improve the user guide on the Wiki
  • Donate us. By the help of your donation we could develop your most-wanted feature/ fix the most-annoying bugs.
  • Enroll DeepaMehta at your university for collaborative learning. Currently we're connected to TU Berlin
  • Tell others about the DeepaMehta vision and find supporters.
  • Visit our introduction events and community-meeting in Berlin. See the schedule at www.deepamehta.de
  • Establish your local user group.
  • Plan events, community- or developer-meetings at our Event planner.
    Share your orgaizational and informational insights.
  • Keep track of bug reports (on the Berlios project platform)
  • Test DeepaMehta on your platform and give detailed feedback.
  • Describe your application ideas or see ours.
  • Develop a DeepaMehta application or add-on (see Developer Documentation at www.deepamehta.de)

  • Please comment your edits as meaningful as possible
  • Please be patient with editing work in progress and discuss the aim and purpose of your desired changes on the "Comments" page before you start editing.
  • Feel free to provide alternatives for clearer visualization/ communication of your aims